music is universal and sharing it is a love language

I love you so here's some music. 

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Ismandra 001 —

Always be my Sunshine

I'm an R&B girl and always will be. But throw in a little Hip Hop and Funk, and You'll Always be my Sunshine. 

"YOu" by Genesis Ismandra. Collage; Paper and cloth on cardboard

Ismandra 002 —

Young Hearts Run Free

A tribute to my childhood. A dance down memory lane. My mom would play these songs in the car or while getting ready to go out with friends. Often, I'll throw on this playlist and work out or dance around the house.


"Unforgotten Places"  by Genesis Ismandra. Collage; Paper on cardboard

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Ismandra 003 —

Both Sides of a Smile

A vibe. Trust me. 

"Manifesting" by Genesis Ismandra. selfie

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Ismandra 004 —

God is a woman.

to all the women in my life. 

"When god was a woman" Antalya, 2019. shot by Genesis ismandra